What is WorldSchooling?


The answer to this question is truly different for each family. For ours, WorldSchooling our child means exposing her to the world and letting her learn through it. We truly believe that her education need not be disrupted by traditional schooling.

This all means that we teach writing in the woods with our friends, the science of eggs and arches in our driveway, Chemistry in our basement, surfing and marine animals in San Diego, snorkeling in Thailand, animal survival in Florida, elephant waste recycling in Chiang Mai, weather patterns and TV production in a working news studio in Pennsylvania and guitar lessons in México.


It also means that we travel with educational “gear” and our daughter finds a comfy spot to, yes, do some worksheets. Even in paradise. She’s practiced her multiplication in Siem Reap, writing in Venice, reading throughout SEA, division on cross country road trips, creative writing in Rome, cursive in Phuket, and even (twice) been enrolled in traditional school in México for the language immersion.

It is an exciting educational journey that we are on and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

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