Purchasing Power: We vote when we buy

Cast Your Vote!

I have always believed that we vote, everyday, when we make each and every one of our purchases. Whether the purchase is for a mundane necessity like toilet paper or for a luxury good like a cruise vacation, we vote with our dollars and their purchasing power.

And so today, we are asking that you vote for us.

This website is fun, informational, and a lot of work. It is an act of love for the places that we visit and our goal of having our readers explore the world. We hope that you are learning about new options previously unknown to you and that our reviews and personal experiences are helping you in your world travels and adventures. And we ask that you help us keep this page, and this adventure together, going.


By voting for us with your everyday purchasing power. You already buy toilet paper and diapers and batteries and clothes. And, if you happen to make any of those or other purchases online, we ask that you follow our Amazon.com link to make those purchases you already make.

By following our link and making your everyday purchases, you get the great prices and products that you were already planning to buy, but you also “tell” Amazon that you like our blog, our information, our Border Free Adventures; and that you have followed our link to their products. It costs you nothing, but it helps us keep the adventures and recommendations coming.

So go ahead, add our link to your favorites page and use our link every time you are going to make an Amazon.com purchase. We will be eternally grateful and promise to reward you with fun tales, child friendly travel ideas, and all the good karma we can muster.

Thank you for your vote and for the privilege of allowing us to come into your computer screen with our ideas and Border Free Adventures.

Now… follow our link and go do your shopping at Amazon.com!

Many thanks,

Magaly, Mackenzie and Andy.

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