Let’s Go Somewhere: How We Chose Our Norwegian Cruise and Bermuda

Let’s Go Somewhere: The Conversation

Me: Let’s go somewhere!

Mac: I want to go on a cruise

Me: Let’s go to Florida. We can explore some new beaches and…

Mac: I don’t want to go anywhere else until we go on a cruise. I have been waiting my whole life to go on a cruise! (The kid is 11)

Me: Ok, look it up and tell me what you find. Where do you want to go on a cruise kiddo?

Mac: Oh, I already know! I want to take a cruise on a big ship with water slides. And I want a balcony so we can hang out there.

Me: Where do you want to go?

Mac: The Bahamas. You have to go to a beach on a cruise mom. (I am not exactly a beach person)

Me: We can take a cruise to Alaska.

Mac: No. A beach.

Me: Ok.

I watch her search in earnest online and decide to do some searching myself.

The results?

It took less than a day to decide on a cruise line, destination, and cabin. We were ready to go with 52 days to spare. It’s official! We are taking our Border Free Adventures to the ocean!


The Secret

The Norwegian Breakaway in port in New York City

Excited, we couldn’t even sleep the first night. Well, Andy and I couldn’t sleep- we didn’t tell the kiddo.

There is one truth that all parents know, and that is that once a kid is aware of an upcoming event, the dreaded “is it time yet?” sentence will be uttered endlessly- or until such event takes place.

My kid is no exception, and I knew that if I told her I had booked us on the trip, she would be counting down the days- loudly and incessantly. So, I lied.

I told her that I had indeed looked into the cruises, hadn’t decided and that we would talk about it at a later date.

Now, in my childhood days, that meant a “no.” Seriously, if my dad ever said maybe or later to anything we kids pretty much knew that the answer was “no.” But, in my kids’ world, “maybe” pretty much means: yes, but I don’t want to commit this very moment.

And so it is that I secretly scheduled us onto our first family cruise, bought tickets to New York City, and started making plans for our newest adventure: a double hit with time to experience a family cruise and time to explore Bermuda.


How did we choose a Norwegian Cruise?

Pretty simple: I have two friends who travel extensively on Norwegian Cruise Lines and both LOVE it. Every time they come back from vacation they talk about how much fun they had. When it came time to pick our cruise line, Norwegian was the sure thing.

The awesome slides and pool area on the Norwegian Breakaway

Also, let me be completely honest: the kiddo wanted a cruise with water slides and Norwegian has some pretty awesome slides. Would I have chosen the Norwegian Breakaway if their outside area had no slides? No. The kid wants what the kid wants.


How did we choose Bermuda?

Tobacco Bay in Bermuda

With a cruise line and ship selected all I had left to do was pick a destination. The kiddo had already made it very clear that she wanted an island experience and the Norwegian Breakaway was sailing to Bermuda. Voila. Bermuda it is!

The mesmerizing blue water around Bermuda

I do admit that I went to my computer and googled Bermuda. I wanted to look at the beaches because, if I am going to spent time on an island, it better be an amazing one. One skim through the google images, and I fell in love with Bermuda.

Let’s Go Somewhere!

Everything is ready for our adventure. Talk about fast- one day I am sitting down talking to my kid and the next we are booked and getting ready for our first family cruise! Life is awesome that way.


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