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When I mention Tijuana to people abroad, the most common response is a nod to tequila, dance clubs, and general debauchery. Or crime. But that is not the case! Tijuana is filled with culture, traditions, sights and kid friendly entertainment areas.

So we headed off to the CECUT, the Cultural Center of Tijuana/ Centro Cultural de Tijuana, in search of some open space, art, and culture. We definitely found it and will be returning for more on a regular basis.

If you want to take a trip yourself I recommend you look up two very helpful sites for the events and gallery holdings at CECUT: and

There are activities, presentations, IMAX films, Showcases, and special events on an almost daily basis. It’s amazing the quantity and quality of everything that CECUT has to offer.


La bola (“the ball” as it is lovingly known to Tijuanenses) is the site of the IMAX theatre at CECUT. For $48.00 M.N. (pesos) you can enjoy one of the current offerings any day of the week. Of course, if you stop by on Wednesday you can get discounted tickets and pay only $29.00 M.N. (pesos).


The art at CECUT varies from fun and thought provoking to traditional and international. In the past few weeks we have been able to attend galleries with modern art, classical paintings, Mexican popular folk art, international drawings, and much more. There is certainly something for everyone.


One of the great things about CECUT is it’s wide, open spaces. This is definitely¬†a child friendly place. So whether the kids need to burn off some energy before a art exhibit, after an IMAX performance, or in between the many galleries, there will be a space for them to be kids. Luckily, in the same building as the IMAX theatre, there is also a coffee shop with drinks and snacks for the parents.


Climbing the steps to the top of “la bola”. Shortly after I took the picture the security guard came by and reprimanded us. Apparently the steps are only there for visual effect, not for any actual stepping. FYI.


I counted six separate events going on throughout our visit on this particular day. From films to talks- and that’s in addition to the art. It certainly is an active place with plenty to both entertain and educate.


CECUTi is the children’s wing of the cultural center. This is a space designed and created with young children in mind. There is a children’s library within the CECUTi area with both Spanish and English language books for the children to sit and read. The art room is adjacent to the library section and an enchanting area with art supplies to entertain and help kids create and build a craft.

Located close to the border and open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM it is the perfect introduction to Tijuana and it’s cultural richness.


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