Arriving in Colonial Williamsburg on a Rainy Day

Arriving in Colonial Williamsburg on a Rainy Day


Colonial Williamsburg, Day 1


It turns out that my family is made up of wimps. I can say this because I love them and say it only with the highest regard for them. But yes, they are wimps.

I should, in all fairness, share that Andy regularly works outside in harsh weather conditions and Mackenzie is ten.

But still.

After a nine-hour car drive (yes, it was supposed to be five. But the weather gods did not favor our journey day), through three states, all under a winter storm warning and in full snow storm bliss, we finally made it to Colonial Williamsburg today. The view was amazing. I love driving and watching the snow flurries fall and blanket the world. It always seems to calm me down and make me feel at peace. Yes, even as I drive in it going 20 mph for nine hours. I like snow that much.



Breakfast in Colonial Williamsburg


After arriving way too early to check in to our hotel (yes, we stopped to check), we decided to try out their recommendation for breakfast: the Astronomical Pancake House. Blah. The cinnamon swirl pancakes were huge and yummy- if you’re looking to have dessert for breakfast. Which I was until I started. Mackenzie and Andy ordered eggs with potatoes and bacon. Again, blah. Not bad but totally forgettable. Except for the price! $24 dollars for two adult and one kid’s breakfast. I know it’s a typical amount but I left feeling like my belly was full but my soul missed breakfast. My yardstick for recommending something is always whether or not I would do it again and, unfortunately, I would just not return to this breakfast place. Again, not because it’s bad, but because with plenty of options to choose from this one did not win me over.




Yes, I use words like “soul” when I’m talking about food. Yes, it is that important to me.


Wet and Cold: ThePerfect Conditions for an Adventure


So we left the breakfast place and went straight to the Colonial Williamsburg visitor center. A monster of a building with two long rows of help desks (all but one closed because, again, this is February), it was pretty much empty except for workers and a few wandering people. At 1:30pm-ish we had a wonderful conversation with a volunteer who answered all of our questions and offered plenty of tips.

Unfortunately, the rain had just taken over for the snowfall and neither Mackenzie nor Andy wanted to walk around in the wet, cold stuff. I begged but to no avail. The family decided to stay warm and dry today and head back to the hotel and the indoor heated pool.

But first, a drive through town. It’s cute and nice… But I can’t wait to see it on foot. (Mental note: lots of puddles, wear the snow boots tomorrow!)

The pool was everything we expected: fun, active, and empty. Monday’s are usually slow days at hotel properties and we had the pool all to ourselves. Mackenzie loved goofing around with Andy and enjoying the afternoon with her daddy. They jumped, they played, they wrestled, and then they were tired and ready for some rest.


Remember, we were all up and driving by 2:20 AM! So we went to the room to take our showers and change. I may or may not have taken a small nap as the kiddo showered. I also may or may not have closed my eyes for a few minutes where I have no clue what happened. But when I opened them back up Andy and Mackenzie were sitting in bed talking and wrestling and having fun. I may or may not have closed my eyes again.


Dinner in Colonial Williamsburg: Highly Recommended


By 4 PM everyone was hungry because, apparently, when your body is tired it just wants to eat. I guess it’s self-medication. At least that’s what our bodies were saying. So off we went to Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant for dinner.


A friend and frequent traveler to Colonial Williamsburg recommended the seafood buffet and she was right! It is delicious. We all highly recommend you stop by and try this place when you’re in town. Between the three of us, we tried pretty much everything on the buffet line and there’s nothing that we didn’t like (though the baklava tasted like it had cinnamon or something to that effect. Not my favorite but I might be partial to my own recipe).


I can say without guilt that we stuffed ourselves. I particularly liked their salmon and bread pudding (did you know I’ve never tasted bread pudding before? So… take that recommendation with the knowledge that I have nothing to compare it to. But I liked it and ate it all). The wait staff was also incredible. We had two servers continuously picking up plates and refilling drinks. They were attentive and kind and made the whole experience that much nicer.

Back at the hotel, eyes red from exhaustion (hadn’t noticed till we got back), we found our pajamas and started our night time routine. Step 1: wrestle with daddy. My mom cringes every time she has to witness their “play”, but my kiddo loves nothing more than attacking her father and having him wrestle her full force.

They don’t “play wrestle”, they actually beat on one another. It’s their way to bond so who am I to stop them. Lately, their typical wrestling has evolved. They now both clamor for my attention by pretending to be hurt and yelling-complaining in my general direction. So if Mackenzie is saying “ouch! Stop daddy it hurts”, I turn around and tell Andy to stop. But, it turns out, when she’s yelling this it’s not because she is really hurt. It’s because, usually, she’s pulling his hair and trying to distract me from the fact. It’s all hugely entertaining for them… Not so much for the mama bear. So I just try to ignore both their calls for help now. Quite frankly, I probably couldn’t stop them if I wanted to. This is what they have done since she was old enough to pick a “fight” with him.

By 8 PM they were both out like a light.


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