A Family Trip To Colonial Williamsburg, in Winter

A Family Trip To Colonial Williamsburg, In Winter


Colonial Williamsburg in Winter?

If you look online or at any print brochures, the happy families visiting Colonial Williamsburg are always wearing t-shirts and shorts or the rented period costumes (which look pretty summer-y).


If you talk to people who have visited in the peak summer months, they will always tell you about all the fun they had and the exciting events they participated in- as they sweat and try to survive the oppressive heat and humidity.

And so it is that, on a whim, we decided to take to the road and travel to experience Colonial Williamsburg in the dead of winter. It is February, there’s snow on the ground, and they are calling for snow on the day we are driving down and rain all day the following day.


Is a little weather going to stop us? No! We love snow and rain and cold air. Will we love it after walking around in it to explore colonial times? Will they even have many of the iconic events and presentations that make people fall in love with this area available?

The truth is, I don’t know. But we’re about to find out. Tomorrow morning, come 2:15am, we will get in our trusty (and hopefully warm) minivan and drive five hours south to find out.

I can say this: we have a backup. Well, we made reservations at a hotel with an indoor pool. That’s kind of like a backup. Except that no amount of rain or snow is going to stop us from trying to experience Colonial Williamsburg. We might just need a little dip in the pool to thaw us out after a fun and wet day out exploring. I also packed the snow boots.

Stay tuned and I will let you know how wet one family can get while learning about colonial times in early American history.


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