5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Prague’s Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets: Our Family Review


From the moment we bought our plane tickets to Prague I was a woman on a mission: to get our little family to THIS museum. I am, admittedly, on a life long mission to document toilet and toilet paper conditions around the world. Friends, old and new, are all aware of my personal obsession and know to ask as soon as we return from a trip.

So, how did the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets rate? It’s a MUST!


Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Toilet Museum in Prague

  1. It’s fun for the whole family

While this is certainly not a hands-on museum, the historical chamber pots and toilets on display are fascinating, come complete with funny narratives at times, and visually capture the attention of both adults and children.


Children will find it fascinating that toilets have not always looked like the ones they are accustomed to.


For girls on the go, a portable toilet!

Child friendly displays, such as this pink one used by girls, will help keep kids engaged because they can see how this relates to the life of kids, just like them, from another era.


And, of course, no toilet museum would be complete without toilet related toys. Dolls have to go potty too! From the whimsical to the funny, this museum has it all covered.

2. It’s full of educational opportunities

I know that most people wouldn’t think “toilet museum” and educational opportunity, but as worldschoolers we have come realize that everything is an educational opportunity. In the case of this museum, any teacher would agree with me.


Visually, it’s easy for any student, young and older, to trace the development of the western toilet. The display rooms are small enough to feel intimate and yet big enough to pack variety of styles and time periods.


One of my favorite parts about this museum is the thorough packet of information all guests receive. As the visitor walks about the exhibits, it is possible to identify the toilet/ chamber pot you are looking at with a number system used to identify all exhibit artifacts. Once you match the number on the actual artifact with the number/ picture on the information packet, you can read all types of information about the toilet/ chamber pot/ artifact you are studying. Information includes date it was created, use, location of creation, place of use, materials used to create it, and any fascinating tidbits of information that are fun and relevant.

To say that reading through the information, which was always interesting, was an amazing educational experience would be an understatement. And not just because I am a toilet aficionado. The husband and kiddo were interested too!

3. Toilet paper and Advertising

No toilet museum would be complete without covering the topic of toilet paper.


While it is not a hands-on toilet paper exhibit, it was fun to see different types/ styles of toilet paper on display


It is also fun to note that the variety, in style and date, of advertisements related to toilets and toilet paper were entertaining and informative. Again, worldschooling means that we stopped to talk about what the advertisements were trying to achieve, how the visuals used in it were attempting to persuade their audience, and why certain elements were used and not others.

4. Toilets in History

When was the first toilet used? Who even invited toilets? What did people do before toilets? Who used the first toilet? These are all questions we seldom ask ourselves but ideas that definitely pop up when visiting the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets


Seeing pictures of some of the first toilet rooms is definitely a wake up for those of us used to the luxury of western toilets.


Learning about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of chamber pots and the first toilets was also an eye opening experience. We don’t often think about toilet use and privacy as an issue, but learning about the original usage and modes of “waste disposal” certainly made us thankful for modern toilet etiquette.



The large display of chamber pots in the museum vary from the comical to the practical, from elegant to utilitarian, and from Asian inspired themes to the whimsical. There is certainly at least one that everyone can identify with and many more than will strike up a conversation amongst those in your group.

5. A step outside the “ordinary” toilet

Helping to prove that not all toilets are, well, just toilets, the museum serves to remind us that toilets come in all shapes, sizes, and need requirements


This picture of the toilet inside a space station is an effective reminder of the vastness that is toilet selection and variety- not just across history but within the same time period.


A section of the museum is also devoted to children’s toilets and chamber pots. Having a child myself, it was interesting to imagine having her use one of those old style toilets- and arguing with the husband whose job it would be to dispose of the “waste”.


Art is used throughout the exhibits to encourage humor and remind us to enjoy the topic at hand.


And, of course, the artistry and designs on several toilets remind us of a time when even the most mundane of activities would be cause for decoration and embellishment.


Posing in front of the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets

It was a very fun and educational afternoon and one that I would highly encourage everyone to enjoy themselves. A fast tram ride from Wenceslas Square and a two block walk downhill led us to the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets.

When we arrived we were the only ones there. Within the hour we saw a couple in another one of the rooms, and then we saw them leaving! I have no clue how they left so fast (it probably took them 45 minutes to tour the whole museum). We must have been there three hours- reading, looking, examining, talking about the artifacts, and enjoying the displays. The museum is definitely child-friendly and fun for the whole family. In my opinion, a MUST if you find yourself in Prague. And yes, a great trip with kids in Prague.


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  1. This is fascinating. I can’t believe this museum exists and I didn’t know about it with the amount of obsession my three boys have with all things potty. I love Prague too. We will definitely have to check this out when we make it over there again.

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