18 Goals for 2018

We have, as you may have noticed, been very silent around here.

Why the silence?

It’s not for lack of wanting to write or motivation, not for lack of material or interest, and certainly not for lack of setting the goal each night to write in the morning. So, why have we virtually disappeared in the past few months?

June 22nd. And September 4th.

On June 22nd Andy fell off a ladder and twisted his ankle. Well, we thought he had twisted his ankle. It turns out he broke a bone, tore some ligaments, and severely hurt his ankle. As summer carried on, physical therapy turned into a scheduled operation and, with that, the end of our planned year in Mexico. Six months, daily physical therapy, two MRI’s, a second opinion, and a painful nerve test later he’s still in pain and waiting to hear about a possible second operation.

Yes, it is as painful as it looks!

Not to be outdone, on September 4th I hurt my knee in the most non-story worthy way possible: getting off a tram. I didn’t fall or twist or do anything weird that would cause a normal knee any problems. I simply went to get off the tram and when my foot touched the street it shot a painful burst of pain up my whole body. 118 days and two months of physical therapy later, I am finally able to walk without a limp or my knee brace and crutches. My knee still hurts and I have limited mobility, but it is slowly getting better.

I am sooo happy to finally be out of this knee brace!

Clearly, the second half of 2017 has been… trying.

Ahh, 2017… our bodies made us cancel trips to drive cross-country in the USA, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada and Las Vegas.

But that’s ok because we are a positive bunch around here and we’re looking forward to a healthy 2018. Ok, for Andy, we’ll settle for healthier.

Which brings us to 2018

We don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions but, for 2018, we definitely feel the need to set some goals. After spending half a year unable to do much of anything without pain and discomfort, we are setting our sights on something bigger than “let’s try to get through today without needing some meds or the heat pad.” Personally, I love that I can sit down for longer than a few minutes without pain- this is the first time I’ve been able to type on the laptop since September!

Let’s face it, I’ve had plenty of time to think about what I want out of 2018. So, without due, our

18 Goals for 2018

  1. Clean one drawer a day- and throw away half of what’s in it
  2. Face a fear
  3. Learn a new skill (that is tech based)
  4. Implement a “no complaining’ rule in the house
  5. Remember: “A year from now you may wish you had started today” (- Karen Lamb)
  6. Take some “me” time
  7. Work towards eliminating sugar from our lives
  8. Host more game nights with family and friends
  9. Invest some learning time into cryptocurrencies
  10. Live by these wise words: “Alice: this is impossible. The Mad Hatter: only if you believe it is.”
  11. Take time to remind the kid what childhood is really for
  12. “Just do it!” more often
  13. Break a bad habit
  14. Call on old and new friends alike
  15. Stay on task and get ready to launch in 2019
  16. Go back to using a paper calendar/ planner
  17. Remind my sisters how much they mean to me
  18. Remember: “You are limited only by your imagination”

And there you have them, our 18 goals for this upcoming new year. I’m off to hunt for the perfect paper calendar and planner now. Any suggestions?


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