105 Kid Friendly Things To Do in Tijuana

105 Kid Friendly Things To Do in Tijuana


Roller Skating at Oh Zone! inside of Galerias Hipodromo

Think its impossible huh? Never considered Tijuana as a family friendly, child friendly destination huh? Wondering what a city with a “reputation” has to offer for your family huh?

Well, I am here to tell you that there are at least 105 fun, safe, child friendly and family oriented things to do in Tijuana, Mexico! And I am going to share them with you. The next time someone whinces when you tell them about your wonderful trip to Tijuana make sure to share this list with them too!

For organizational purposes, the list will be divided into General Fun Activities, Cultural Activities, Science Activities, Outdoor Activities, Food/ Restaurants you must try, and Other Activities. For the more adventuresome of you I have also included several great activities that can be done as a day trip from Tijuana.

105 Kid Friendly Things To Do In Tijuana


What’s more kid friendly than a candy store? It’s a department store sized candy shop!

  1. Pretend to be an adult at Mini City
  2. Enjoy the rides at Mundo Divertido
  3. Bowling at Oh Zone!
  4. Galerias Hipodromo Ceramic Painting
  5. Roller Skating at Oh Zone!
  6. Rock Wall Climbing at Oh Zone!
  7. Arcade at Oh Zone!
  8. Take a ride on the Tren Turistico Tijuana-Tecate
  9. Swim and play at Albercas El Vergel
  10. Take a Free Downtown Walking Tours
  11. Play a match of raquetball at Club Rio Raquetball
  12. Jump on the trampolines at SkyZone
  13. Enjoy Flyers Trampolines
  14. Visit the Aquarium at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)
  15. Visit Parque Teniente Guerrero for a paleta or live performance
  16. Experience Lucha Libre at the Municipal Auditorium
  17. El Cubo Exhibit Hall at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)
  18. Visit an art exhibit, play, or musical performance at La Casa de La Cultura Altamira
  19. Visit La Casa de la Cultura Playas de Tijuana
  20. Enjoy the museum at the Palacio Municipal
  21. Watch an educational IMAX film at the CECUT IMAX Theatre
  22. CECUT Theatre
  23. Attend a workshop at the CECUTi Children’s Room
  24. Walk through the Pasaje Rodriguez
  25. Catch an “Opera en la Calle” performace
  26. Learn about Baja at the Museo de las Californias in the CECUT complex
  27. Visit “Christo Rey” (Christ of Los Alamos) in Los Alamos District
  28. Gallery Atelier 109 at Plaza Revolucion
  29. Pasaje Gomez
  30. Attend a concert by the Baja California Orchestra
  31. Palacio de la Cultura
  32. CEART Tijuana
  33. Amigos del Artes
  34. Casa del Tunel Projecto Cultural
  35. Learn some French of just enjoy a croissant at the Alianza Francesa de Tijuana
  36. Listen to the Mariachis play at Plaza Santa Cecilia
  37. Museo de Historia de Tijuana at the Old Municipal Palace (Tijuana History Museum)
  38. Sociedad de Historia de Tijuana
  39. Listen to Tijuana’s talented children sing with Coro Caracol
  40. El Trompo Interactive Science Museum
  41. Monthly Astronomy Association sponsored IMAX film, Q & A session, and telescope viewing opportunity hosted at the CECUT IMAX complex
  42. Parque Morelos bike path, grassy areas, BBQ pits, and roaming entertainers
  43. Playas de Tijuana beach
  44. Catch a futbol game at the Xolos Stadium
  45. Parque de la Amistad in Otay Mesa
  46. Take in a picnic and play time at one of city’s kioscos
  47. Instituto Mexico Park
  48. Visit the Free Zoo at the Parque Morelos complex
  49. Zipline at Parque Morelos
  50. Go Ice Skating (during the winter season) at the ice rink at Parque Morelos
  51. Play a round of Golf at Club Campestre
  52. Catch a baseball game at Estadio Gasmart
  53. Kayaking in Tijuana (to the Islas Coronado)
  54. Teposnievez
  55. Telefonica Gastro Park (food trucks)
  56. Tacos Hipodromo
  57. Go to the Panaderia (Baked good section) at a local supermarket
  58. Taco Nazo by the Caliente Casino complex
  59. Try Mercado Hidalgo tamales
  60. Go pink at the Princess Tea Party Restaurant (and Kids Beauty Salon)
  61. Buy everything salt and sugar at Mega Candy Stores
  62. El Popo Market
  63. Food Garden in Plaza Rio
  64. Happy Vegan in Pasaje Rodriguez
  65. Birria de Chivo at El Rincon del Oso at Mercado Hidalgo
  66. Tacos Kokopelli next to Instituto Mexico
  67. Try fresh coconut with chillie and lime at Mercado Hidalgo (and the coconut water)
  68. Eat a torta at Tortas Washmobile
  69. Order Crepas con Cajeta at one of the city’s many cafes
  70. La Espadana, order the chilaquiles
  71. Mision 19 Restaurant
  72. Order a Caesar Salad in the restaurant and city where it was invented: Caesar’s Restaurant Tijuana
  73. Eat fresh seafood like the locals do: on Sunday at Los Arcos Restaurant
  74. Attend Mass at La Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
  75. Eat lobster at Puerto Nuevo
  76. Walk around Popotla
  77. Check out the events coming to the Caliente Casino (many child friendly events throughout the year)
  78. Ride a public bus around town and try transportation like some of the locals
  79. VIP movies: where sushi or a restaurant quality meal can be served to you as you watch a movie in an oversized leather couch
  80. Plaza Rio (Child friendly events and performances free on Sundays)
  81. Iglesia Del Espiritu Santo
  82. Campestre Country Club membership or invite-day pass
  83. Local futbol-soccer game
  84. Experience the busiest border crossing in the world by foot or by car at the San Ysidro Point of Entry
  85. Swap Meet Siglo XXI
  86. tijuanafreewalkingtours.com
  87. Museo de Cera
  88. Avenida Revolucion
  89. Mercados Ambulantes en Playas de Tijuana (on Mondays)
  90. Jai Alai 
  91. Find a local school and ask if you (or your kids) can sit in on a day (to see how kids in Mexico experience school)
  92. Attend a local gymnastics, guitar, karate, ballet, art, or other class
  93. Take a Mexican cooking class
  94. Shop at Calimax and see how many products you can identify and how many are foreign to you
  95. Learn to surf in the amazing waters near Tijuana: San Antonio del Mar, Baja Malibu, Calafia, k38, Medio Camino, and La Fonda are famous for their exciting waves
  96. Order traditionally cooked lobster in Puerto Nuevo (24 miles away from Tijuana)  
  97. Rosarito Beach (12 miles away from Tijuana)
  98. Los Arenales- Sand Dunes of Cantamar (ATV rides) (30 miles away from Tijuana)
  99. La Buffadora in Ensenada (64 miles away from Tijuana)
  100. Las Canadas Campamento (camping) in Ensenada (64 miles away from Tijuana)
  101. La Rumurosa and its Native American cave paintings (66 miles away from Tijuana)
  102. Tour the vineyards and have the kids learn how wine is made at El Valle De Guadalupe (Visit the Vine and Wine Museum)(74 miles away from Tijuana)
  103. Explore the Laguna Salada (cave paitings, hiking, lake when in season) (105 miles from Tijuana)
  104. Pinturas Rupuestes de Catavina (Cave Paintings of Catavina, 115 miles away from Tijuana)
  105. Hiking in the pristine Guadalupe Canyon (123 miles away from Tijuana)

You can easily find out more information about any of these by searching on google. So go ahead, pick one and go have an adventure in the real Tijuana, meeting the friendly locals along the way and exploring a city that is vibrant, alive, and itching to show your family a great child friendly time.


Ice Skating at Parque Morelos

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  1. What an awesome list! El mercado hidalgo is such a great place to just hang out and munch at. Can’t wait to visit all the places you recommend.

    Another fun activity (on my bucket list to try) is the Hot air balloon ride in El Cielo winery.

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