Our Top 7 Experiences On Our 7 Day Norwegian Cruise

We love cruising. This should come as no surprise to anyone who follows our family travel adventures since we can’t stop talking about it or sharing our fun pictures. But, it merits repeating: we love cruising.

On our seven day cruise to Bermuda, we enjoyed fun activities, entertainment galore, and a relaxed atmosphere. So much that I keep searching for our next opportunity to board a cruise ship. We enjoyed seven amazing, packed days. So, how do did we choose this list? Simple, these are the seven things we can’t stop sharing with everyone!

Our Top 7 Experiences On Our 7 Day Norwegian Cruise


Ropes Course and Zip Line

This was one of the deciding factors when I was doing research for our family cruise vacation. With over 40 elements to conquer, the ropes course is a thrill that everyone in the family can enjoy and master. It does close on windy days so beware- get on this fun activity as soon and often as you can!


 Splash Academy Activities

The kiddo was unsure about joining the Splash Academy activities, but we made a deal. I would sign her up, and she had to try it for one hour (we’re big on trying things). Andy and I would come back to get her in an hour, and she never had to go back. Well, let me tell you without a shadow of a doubt: Splash Academy rocks. The kiddo loved it. Not only did she ask us if she could stay at the end of the first hour, but she went back almost every day.

There are scheduled activities and games throughout the day as well as a performance at the end of the week. With kids divided into different age groups, it is easy for kids to play with like minded new friends. And I do mean new friends. By the end of the cruise, there was a little pack of eight girls who met up, played in the pool section, and ate together. On the last day, they all exchanged contact information and still keep in touch!


Bermuda Bus & Ferry Pass

We did not want to rely solely on ship excursions to have fun and explore Bermuda. Upon arrival, we bought a two-day Bermuda Bus and Ferry Pass for the family. With unlimited transportation passes, we reached the other side of the island, enjoyed two round trip sunset cruises, and got benefit from the scenery of the island by both ferry and bus.

Was it worth it? Yes! The ability to decide to go anywhere without having to stop for change or to buy an individual ticket is great. We picked up the ferry and bus schedule when we bought the passes and mapped out our excursions with both.


Tobacco Bay Snorkeling

As soon as I booked our cruise, I went searching for the perfect beach in Bermuda. Tobacco Bay is that beach.

First: the directions. I start here because the reality is that before you enjoy Tobacco Bay, you have to get there. If you arrive by cruise ship, the odds are that you are in King’s Wharf like we were.

This is what we did: we took a ferry from King’s Wharf to Hamilton. Next, we walked up four blocks to the bus station and took but #10 to St. George. Finally, we got off the bus and started to walk up the hill where we took the first “cab” available to the beach. We stood in awe as we got out of the cab and saw the view (almost 2 hours later). Alternatively, you can take the ferry from Kings Wharf to St. George and catch a cab at the ferry terminal to Tobacco Bay. Depending on the time you reach the ferry (whether you have to wait for the next one or you arrive at the perfect time to board) the ride will take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Once you arrive at this paradise, there is a restroom area, a rental shack for snorkels and supplies, and a restaurant/ bar with food and drinks. It’s a small set up but perfectly suitable to enjoy a fantastic and fun day.

We arrived and immediately got in the water. The snorkeling is perfect for children because there are no waves, it is shallow enough in most parts that kids can stand, and there are fish swimming around that will make them giddy with joy. We loved Tobacco Bay and highly recommend you visit. It is worth the travel time to get there and, as a bonus, does not feel crowded at all.


Bermuda Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour

As much as we like independent adventures, there are some things best left to the experts. We decided that we could not leave Bermuda without a tour of the Bermuda Triangle or a real shipwreck. This tour ticked off both of those boxes and was so full of information that I felt smarter, and happier, at the end of the day.

We explored two very different shipwrecks, enjoyed swimming with fish in open water and learned about the Bermuda Triangle and the ocean surrounding it.


Water Slides and Pool Area

Yes, the pool is a bit on the smaller size, and there is not enough seating for parents who want to watch over their kids. But, it is also big enough for the kids to splash around and play and mine never noticed that I had to sit in a cramped corner.

Andy and the kiddo rode the water slides several times and enjoyed themselves. On a hot day, this was their favorite spot. Additionally, the pool area is a great meet-up place for the kids as they make friends with other children on the cruise.


Deal or No Deal Ship Game

We all know this game from national TV and, on the Norwegian Breakaway, we got to play it. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the podium. But that’s ok, the Norwegian version of this game makes every player an active participant.

How do you play? Every player (you must pay $20 to participate) gets a playing card. The game selects a random card number and the lucky winner gets to go up to the podium. Everyone else plays along in their seat. As the player on the podium picks his or her suitcase number, the rest of the participants try to match their suitcase amounts (on their score card) to those of the podium player. If your “suitcase” amount matches the one on the screen, you have one match. The more matches you have, the better your chances of winning a prize. You can win a free photo, a $50 credit, or more. I had three matches in one game and won the Photo prize. Yes, I was excited.


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