10 Things To Do in York, PA on Date Night

10 Things To Do in York, PA on Date Night



Date night then: Remember that once upon a time when life was all “let’s go catch the new movie”, “which bar should we go to today?”  and “let’s check off all the fun things to do in York, PA.” Yeah, me neither.

Date night now: What with the babysitter we have to call days in advance, our newly acquired total lack of knowledge of all that is cool and hip, and, of course, the desire to fill months of fun into one single evening.

Is date night lost forever?

NO. It’s simply changed a bit. Ok, a lot. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, it can be quite a good thing.

Date night is the new recharge, the new yoga retreat, the new first night of college. Except, of course, with your spouse and money.

Here in York, PA, date night has been getting harder and harder… how many movies can we watch? How many restaurant meals can we eat out? Ok, this last one isn’t really a problem but you get my point.

I decided, for my sanity and, well, let’s face it, for everyone’s sanity, that we need something different, something new, something exciting for date night. And so I present to you:


10 Things To Do in York, PA on Date Night


Dine in The Caverns of Bube’s Brewery Catacombs

Bube’s Brewery offers craft beer, an escape room, special murder mystery nights, a ghost tour, and karaoke. But for me, the serious date night fun is down in their catacombs! The Catacombs restaurant, located several stories below the surface in the seriously cool cellars, feels like something straight out of a romantic European movie. And don’t even get me started on the delicious menu! This is more than a restaurant, it’s a dining experience.


Solve a Murder Mystery at the Red Lion B & B

The Chef for Murder Mystery Dinner at The Red Lion B & B will make you drool and wish for seconds- and thirds. Disclaimer aside, who hasn’t wished to live out their Clue gameboard fantasies in real life? With different themes on select dates, you can capture zombies or be the main suspect in the Sheriff’s murder in the span of a few weeks.


Follow the Mason Dixon Wine Trails

The Mason Dixon Wine Trail is a long stretch of vineyards that stretch from York to Hershey to Baltimore. Open year round, various wineries host events, tastings, and themed entertainment. For the ultimate wine tasting date, Valentine’s weekend event at Hartford Vineyard & Winery includes music, cheese, chocolate and, of course, wine.

Another popular event is the Tour de Tanks held throughout March. If special tours of production areas, educational presentations, and special tank and barrel tastings sound like fun then this is the perfect date night for you.


Attend a tasting at Taste Test York

Taste Test York is an ever-changing “restaurant”. Offering a new pop up culinary experience every month or so, this food concept helps a chef present their tasty creations to the public while the guests decide if the experience is ready to become a full-time restaurant. From Indian fusion to a modern take on tacos, Taste Test York is full of surprises and the perfect place to try something new that you may never again get a chance to enjoy.


Solve the clues at Escape Games

Want to play spy? How about test your ability to solve a riddle? Escape Games York offers you the chance to get locked up in a room with your significant other, or all your double date night friends, and try to work together to escape in under 60 minutes. Think you can do it? To me this is a great chance to put together all those skills mastered over a lifetime together: does the husband stare work at escape games? Will all those months of surviving on little sleep help you handle the stresses at escape games? Has watching the Disney channel non-stop for three years in a row sharpened your analytical skills? Come to find out!


Travel the World with your Taste Buds at a Local Ethnic Restaurant

Let’s be honest, daily life probably involves a lot of the same tried and tested dishes at dinner time. For date night, go wild and try out one of the local ethnic restaurants in York, PA.

For fancy and traditionally delicious French-inspired food try the Blue Heron. I have yet to try anything from their menu that I did not love (the Beef Bourguignon is delicious). With a calm and relaxing atmosphere, this is one restaurant that will definitely help you stay in “date night” mode.

If you are feeling a bit more risque, head over to the newly opened Hamir’s Indian Fusion. We haven’t had an Indian restaurant in York in years and I can not tell you enough how excited I am! To add to my excitement, it seems as though this Indian fusion restaurant aims to entertain as much as feed our souls. In the few weeks it has been officially open for business, Hamir’s Indian Fusion has already brought in a sitar player to entertain guests, a chocolatier who will be going in on Valentine’s day, and they have a magic show with dinner scheduled for February 24th!


Catch a Show

No dancing men in bright outfits, no singing candy, no cartoon inspired shows. For date night in York, PA “catch a show” means head out and enjoy the York Symphony Orchestra at The Appell Center for the Performing Arts, or maybe a comedy act or Jazz night or silent film. You know, adult stuff. With a large selection offered, you never have to hear another catchy kids tune again. Well, at least on date night.


Fly High Above with AE Balloon Flights

Want to be more daring and adventurous during your date? AE Balloon Flights will whisk you and your date high up in the sky for an amazing experience. Forget staring at the big screen, on this date you can look out into the grand expanse that is York County, see the sunrise from the sky, and fly over and around the Susquehanna River.


Be Creative at Paint Night

Feeling a bit more creative? If “doing” something for date night means more than leaving the house to you, then Pinot’s Palette is your destination. They provide the paint, canvas, and guidance as long as you show up ready to paint and have fun. For special events, they also schedule Wine and Painting nights. You definitely want to check out their calendar.


Stay In and send the kids OUT!

Now, let’s be honest… for some, date night is a fancy way of saying “I just want to hang out with my significant other.” Sometimes it’s not about where you go but about spending uninterrupted time hanging out, talking, and maybe, just maybe, even get more than a peck on the lips before attending to the kids’ needs. For those much-needed date nights, send the kids OUT! Swap a sleepover night with another couple, pack them up to play with the grandparents, send them off to  sleepaway camp in winter? Ok, maybe not that last option. But, sometimes we adults just want to hang out and have some adult time in our house… and that makes for an awesome date night too.

So, the next time your date asks: “what movie do we want to go see on date night?” show them this article and pick something new together. Enjoy.


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