The Whole World is Our Hometown

The Whole World Is Our Hometown


This means that our dentist is in Mexico, our pediatrician in Washington, D.C., our income in PA, our aunts and uncles scattered throughout the world, Christmas trees and traditions are celebrated in several countries, friends all over and play dates can happen on skype or in person- and sometimes in different languages.

Time zones are simply a way to organize information (what time is it when grandma is in bed and can no Ionger text?) as opposed to something that separates us. We view language differences as an adventure and a chance to use our pictionary skills, not a deal breaker.

I grew up crossing an international border to sleep in bed on one side and go to school in another, so this lifestyle and world idea is not new to me.

When I first met my husband he thought it was crazy that I traveled to Mexico any time something went medically wrong, but I did. I still do, and now so does my daughter. Because we like Mexican doctors. I order our cheese from the Netherlands, supplies from Canada and school folders from the Czech Republic. Just because we like what we like and, why not?

We treat the world as our hometown and just like people drive around their hometown to run their errands, we do too. Our “drive” just happens to include an airplane flight and switching to a different language.

I do all this because this is just the way my life evolved. Instead of saying good bye, I say ’till later. I just happen to mean it. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I saw the magic in the life I had created. She sees nothing odd with walking amongst people whose language we don’t understand, or using charades as a perfectly acceptable way to locate an item in a store, or planning a trip to a country on the other side of the world, to a place where the food, the houses, and the customs are different than anything she has previously experienced. She sees everything as an adventure in her borderless hometown.


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