About Us

This is one traveling family’s journey to achieve an international education through worldschooling, roadschooling, homeschooling, and international classrooms.

Join us on our learning adventures as we explore this great big world of ours and Just Go Adventure!

For us, everything goes back to our child’s education (education, not schooling).




Born with a nomadic heart and raised near the busiest border crossing in the world, Magaly is the instigator behind the travel plans. From an early age she dreamed of living out of a backpack and exploring the world- one street food vendor at a time. Resident foodie, check list obsessed, and our main writer, Magaly dreams of a world where every child has a passport to travel. While those dreams become a reality, she works tirelessly to expose her daughter to the world. A firm believer that there is more than one way to do things, she travels with the aim to learn about different cultures and incorporate as many varied practices into her daily life. She loves the earth and, as a confirmed meat eater, is currently having a hard time with the realization that so many scarce resources are diverted to continue her meat eating tradition.

Magaly is also the family suitcase overlord. She does not believe that you need anything that does not fit in ONE small carry-on suitcase and will not let her family overpack.




This fun loving, 9 consecutive years winner of the “Daddy of the Year” award, and confirmed introvert is having a blast watching his wife make ┬átheir world travel adventures a reality. Andy likes comfort and has been voted as team member “least likely to eat unrecognizable food”. His wife and daughter plan to challenge him on the road. The family handyman (and resident bug killer), Andy can fix anything, set up anything, and save his family from harm and danger (most recently saving them both from a menacing spider).

Andy is the family overpacker. He owns more clothes than his wife and child combined. He will be given ONE small carry-on bag suitcase to fill and take with him on the family’s travels.




Mackenzie is a child of two worlds. She loves fast food with her father and real Mexican tacos with her mother. She loves to wrestle with her daddy and play dolls in Spanish with her mom. Her favorite thing to do is fly on planes and visit different countries. In her short life she has been on 75+ flights. She is a true water baby, enjoying things such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, and burying her parents in the sand. In her spare time, Mackenzie loves to play Minecraft, learn and obsess about tornadoes, and watch YouTube videos. When she grows up she does NOT want to be a storm chaser. Her wish is to get back on a plane real soon. It’s been 6 months since her last plane fix and, apparently, taking a cross country road trip does not count.